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BuildMe Wooden Toys

Construction Kits

Build and bond with your child.

Quality handcrafted construction kits. Fun, robust toys with a modern design edge, specifically designed for your child to build with your help and supervision, or for you to easily build for your young one.

Watch the joy on their faces as they build their own toy. Boosts confidence and self esteem while developing some good old fashioned woodworking skills.

Buildme construction kits create a canvas of time where you share and enjoy a special bonding experience with your child.


Playme Toys

A tough as nuts, heirloom quality toy
with a Lifetime Warranty on breakages.

Lovingly hand-crafted for your child from a piece of solid timber, natural rubber tyres, non-toxic paint and hand finished in our carnauba and beeswax cream. These toys have a personality that will grow as they age, a personality your child will bond to. A toy that will carry it's patina into their adulthood. Sit as a curio on their shelf until they can pass it onto their child for another generation of adventures and play.

Your child can play with a social conscience.

We have produced and packaged our kits and toys responsibly and with minimum environmental impact. We use either FSC certified timbers and a selection of rescued timbers. In keeping with our sustainability and reuse policy, we have sourced vintage machinery and restored them to original working order. Our shavings and saw dust are either composted for our veggie garden or used in the chicken house.