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Hi Darryl Some feedback for you to use however you would like! The kits arrived promptly and to a very excited little boy, who was thrilled to see a card in nan's postbox and even more thrilled to hand it over to the lady behind the counter and receive in exchange a big parcel. Luckily, your previous email ensured I had hammer, screwdriver and glue at the ready, as Lachlan insisted we build the monster truck as soon as we arrived home. Instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the resulting toy was, as promised, of heirloom quality. I am saving the 'long' for dad to build with Lachlan. I will definitely be ordering the remaining kits soon. Many thanks, and congratulations on a wonderful concept. Barb (nana).

Amazing! thank you so much. I am seriously impressed with your business. Thank you for making such beautiful toys! I'll get online and order them both now. Alessia

No problem with the delay. I received it today. Thank you for the great service! Mary

The kits arrived today. Thank you so much for getting them to me quickly. I will send you some photos of the grandsons at work after Christmas! Have a happy Holiday Season. Best regards, Heather

Thanks Darryl Very much appreciate this communication. Looking forward to hearing from my son and grandson in Qld re how he found your product, such a wonderful change from having to purchase articles ‘Made Overseas” More strength to your arms, Season’s Greetings. Richard

Hello Darryl, Yesterday, Short roared through the letter box & up the front path before disassembling & presenting himself in a very smart box at the front door. This is a fabulous initiative that you have undertaken & it seems to me that you have put a lot of homework in & gone about things in exactly the right way. Your web site is easy to understand & negotiate, the ordering process is simple & the product is excellent. I am sure my grandson will have much fun putting Short together--& so will I! I wish you all the very best for success in this wonderful enterprise. With kind Regards, Kim

Thank you so much for the parcel. We can now complete the Long Haul truck. The other wooden toy enclosure is a very nice gesture on your part. I thank you, as does my excited grandson, for this. Your customer service is excellent and we will make many friends and acquaintances aware of your great products and service. Thank you again. Good luck and Kind regards, Peter.

Just wanted to thank you very much for all you did to get our order to us before Christmas. The toys are beautiful. The tow truck was a little too hard for our 3 (almost 4) year old so his dad made it up with his “assistance. He is so proud of it – I think just the fact he “helped” make it rather than just opening a present of a wooden tow truck makes it special. He’s going to be making his monster truck with his Poppa next weekend. You may use the above as a testimonial. I think you are on to something good. Well done. Querida

My kids got 2 of your trucks for xmas. They loved building them, unfortunately one had a part that didn't fit. We all make mistakes, it’s what we do after that matters and Darryl at Buildme did a brilliant job of sorting it out. Good to see such awesome product and service. Brett

Wow, what a wonderful idea to pass the rainy days away. Our boys aged 9, 7 & 4 all loved constructing the monster truck. With a bit of help and encouragement they all managed to finish them. So pleased I purchased them. Thank you Sueanne

We received our Long Truck kit today and loved building it together! Thank you for a great product that even my 2.5 year old could help build! Cassie

Dear Darryl, Please find attached a photo of Eli’s car. He really enjoyed making it and there was very little I needed to do to help him. He ended up choosing spray paint for the car, despite my best attempts at encouraging him to buy acrylic paint! Eli’s a fairly determined 8-yr old and apart from liking the idea of the spray paint, he also liked the spray paint colour choices better! The car seemed to turn out fine. So pleased you had the idea to create these kits. Eli is now saving up for his next Buildme kit. Kind Regards Michele